“We are strategists, creators, scholars and creative thinkers. However, this does not make us a ‘jack of all trades’, quite the contrary. We have honed all our skills and interests into one finite field: Branding & strategy, the cause of effect.”

What we offer
Aideen branding & strategy offers unique and effective brand strategies, campaigns and visual communication solutions for the commercial, political and public sector. Aideen guides projects from startup to strategy, from execution to communication management. We firmly believe in talent and work with a selection of the best freelancers from different fields; combining creative professional talent with powerful business strategy. It is our mission to always succeed in offering the people we work with, effective excellence in all forms of visual communication.

People we work with

IBM Leolux Studio LONK
PvdARestaurant SYR Blubrick|Nexton
Metropool Regio De landschapstafel Nine Bar
Restaurant GYS Suggo Gemeente Midden Delfland
Provincie Zuid Holland Hof van Delfland Gemeente Schiedam
Universiteit Utrecht MndsshoesPhotobooth Works
TU DelftBalanzsRechtstreex


Ailisha Shannon
Owner / Creative Director
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